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APW License Key

2 usd

■ This is a license key for the following products:☆ Android Pro Widgets☆ Quick Event■ Android Pro Widgets is an advance set of scroll-able home screen widgets package for all android devices.
■ Quick Event is a calendar quick event insertion tool with native language processing and voice recognition capabilities.
■ Keep it installed alongside the free apps.
■ For support email
■ The license key will unlock all premium features but more importantly it supports the development of our free products. We can't continue developing free applications without your support ;)
■ Unlocked features:☆ [APW] Change widgets themes☆ [APW] Change transparency level☆ [APW] Unlock the timeline widget☆ [APW People] Custom contacts groups and contacts ordering☆ [APW Calendar] Multiple calendar display styles including events text.☆ [APW Calendar] Select how many days to load, Split multi-day events☆ [APW Bookmarks] Change sort order☆ [Quick Event] Removes the buy button☆ More features you can see in the preferences.
■ Please rate us high ;)